A letter to Equinox Bethesda…

Dear Adin and Judy,

I would like to express my distaste and disappointment at the sexist advertisement at the Bathesda Equinox Gym. This advertisement is degrading to women and should be removed immediately. Not only has the image absolutely nothing to do with fitness, it promotes the dangerous idea that women have to be sexy and scantily clad to be considered beautiful. The photo of a muscular female athlete would have been a far more positive image to promote and I hope that you replace your advertising as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
[Name redacted]

Posted on July 3, 2013, in Demanding Change and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. When there is plenty of sexism against real men, the women cheering for this sexism are encouraged as strong, empowered women or confident women. this double standard about sexism is not about sexes it is about emasculating real men, by a few.

    If a man is a homosexual he and ALL of his behaviors are applauded and accepted in this society. this double standard about sexism is not about sexes it is about emasculating real men by a few.

  2. Dear sexismmatters,
    I rarely comment on stories I see online, but this one just got under my skin. I do not understand why anyone finds this ad offensive enough to demand its removal. Whether it be on TV, radio, or in print, thousands of businesses, both big and small, employ unorthodox ad techniques. Techniques that include symbolism or ad content that barely hints at what the ad is actually for. Using beauty to sell a product is a tactic that is the corner stone of capitalism. It is also a tactic that uses both attractive women and MEN. Has our society gotten so lazy that it is just easier to tear down the things we don’t like or agree with rather than taking the time to teach their children what they DO believe in. Rather than trying to instill them with concepts like morality and respect for the opposite sex. Do parents really think that an ad with a scantily clad model can compete with good parenting. Why should have to sterilize out whole society when the real problem is in our homes and families.


  3. Oddly enough; when I saw the billboard in Bethesda, I actually thought Equinox was a high end whore house. It wouldn’t be the first time that this sort of business was to be found in this heavily populated, upscale town.

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